No stress meals at your fingertips!

Who We Cook For 
  • Anyone Look to Eat Healthier

  • Busy Families

  • New Parents and Pregnant People

  • Working Professionals

  • Athletes

  • Folks with Unique Dietary Requirements 

  • Those Recovering from Illness or Injury 

How it Works

​Root to Table creates customized and nutrient-dense meals tailored to meet your dietary needs and health goals. We specialize in a range of menus including vegetarian, heart-healthy, allergen and lectin-free, low FODMAP, plant-based and more! Our comprehensive meal service plans and menus are built with you to ensure we meet your needs. 

We shop for fresh, responsibly sourced and seasonal ingredients specific to your preferences (organic, local). Your Chef arrives with groceries, ready to prepare your personalized menu. You'll come home to a clean kitchen with a fridge full of nourishing, no-stress meals. All dishes are labeled, ready to eat and include heating and serving instructions. 

Meal service plans start at $375, not including the price of groceries, and are dependent upon your individual needs. To learn more, please inquire for a consultation and Food Preferences Questionnaire.