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Regain time and energy, knowing your nutrition is taken care of.

At Root to Table, we specialize in a range of menus

including plant-based, vegetarian, heart-healthy, low-sodium, allergen-free, low FODMAP and more!

Who We Cook For 
  • Anyone Look to Eat Healthier

  • Busy Families

  • New Parents and Pregnant People

  • Working Professionals

  • Athletes

  • Folks with Unique Dietary Requirements 

  • Those Recovering from Illness or Injury 

How it Works
  • We begin with a Food Preferences Questionnaire.

  • We craft custom menus centered around your unique needs, goals and preferences.

  • We compile your recipes, shopping lists and menus.

  • We shop for fresh ingredients specific to your preferences.

  • Our team cooks, packages and cleans.

  • Meals are labeled and dated, including reheating and serving instructions.

  • You come home to a clean kitchen with a fridge full of nourishing, ready-to-eat, no-stress meals!

Meal prep packages start at $400 plus groceries.

Delivery is available for a fee.

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